Capital C Corporation Engages Freedom U.S. Markets

December 6, 2023
Capital C in the News

Freedom U.S. Markets, (the “Company” or “Freedom”) a New York based capital markets advisory firm specializing in public listing and capital formation advice and counsel, announced today that the Company has been engaged by Capital C Corporation (“Capital C”) to assist in their strategic expansion and capital formation plan.

Commenting on the engagement, Robert Wotczak, Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Capital Markets, stated, “We are thrilled to announce the relationship between Freedom U.S. Markets and Capital C Corporation. Under this engagement Freedom expects to assist Capital C with the expansion of its market reach through the structuring of a capital formation plan that will provide the company with a path to potential future capital raising. By doing so we expect that Capital C will be able to expand its product offerings in Southeast Asia and will further empower small and medium enterprises traditionally underserved by conventional financial institutions.”

“Our goal is to foster financial growth and prosperity on global scale through the medium of small and medium size business financing, and we see a strong alignment of vision and values with Freedom U.S. Markets,” said JJohn Cheow, Chief Investment Officer of Capital C Corporation. “Together, we are committed to driving innovation in the financial landscape, and with Freedom’s expertise in IPO readiness and capital expansion planning, we expect this collaboration will broaden our access to the US capital market as a potential source of lending capital. This will not only enable us to scale quickly but also to reach the underserved masses as a viable lending organization addressing a significant need in the digital lending landscape, especially in Southeast Asia where many underserved populations reside.”

Jeames Cheow, Chief Executive Officer of Capital C Corporation, noted, “We are actively seeking to recruit talented professionals to position ourselves at the forefront of digital innovation and expand our presence in the Southeast Asian market. As part of this strategy, we are committed to strengthening our operations and technology teams and enhancing our tech infrastructure to make inroads into the ASEAN region, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, where we hold lending licenses. Our commitment lies in continuous innovation, ensuring that we consistently elevate our efforts to better serve underserved populations in a sustainable manner and we are looking forward to the contribution that Freedom will make in helping us execute this plan with their strategic capital formation service offering.”

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